June 24, 2017

Mrs. Roxie Ann Nunnally | Bio

Executive Director, Lewis Help Today Foundation 

Roxie Nunnally is a married woman of three children. Roxie Nunnally was raised in Memphis, TN. She holds a B.B.A., Business Administration with a concentration in Management. M.B.A., Masters of Business in Administration with a concentration in Human Resource Management. M.A.T, Masters of Arts in Teaching with a concentration in General and Special Education. (K-12) Roxie Nunnally is an entrepreneur and a minority business leader. She is a dynamic motivational speaker, educator and leader. Roxie is a true divine effective and efficient business leader who empowers other small and startup businesses/individuals. She has owned a number of businesses along the lines of retail, logistics, and non-profit. She is known not only in West TN, West Coast, East Coast but national for all of her efforts.

Roxie Nunnally is a robotic, theoretical, propeller of strategic planning, giver, doer, and is an energetic spokesperson. Roxie Nunnally has traveled all over the United States. She sits on the Shelby County EOC, City of Memphis; EOC, Committee Member of the Shelby County Division of Corrections In Reach Board, Community Emergency Response Team Member & Instructor, CPR/First Aid/AED/Pediatrics Instructor for the American Red Cross, Partner of Policy Making with the Tennessee Developmental Disability Council (West TN Region), Public Information Officer for Medical Support Command, City of Memphis, Office of Emergency Management Reserve, Shelby County Office of Preparedness Reserve, Ambassador and Class #17 President for the Shelby County Sheriff’s Citizen Academy, Ambassador for the Memphis Police Department, Member of the Mayor’s Luttrell’s Office; Citizen’s University, Member of the Neighborhood Leadership Committee, Member of the Lemoyne Owen Partnership Committee, Member of the Team Up Memphis Grizzlies Mentor Program but are not limited to.

Roxie Nunnally speaks Spanish and she is slightly conversive in Chinese. Roxie has received many awards and accolades in her community involvement/affiliations around the world. She is no stranger to speaking to legislators about changing and incorporating new policies. When it comes to helping the community in which she serves, lives and travels it is all about serving people. Roxie has taught for many years. She has a much diversification when it comes to her background. When it comes to Global Market Place there is no field that she can’t speak on. Roxie is ambical, brilliant, giving, loyal, results oriented, driven, respected, compassion, has much integrity and breaths excellence. She conducts Grants and 501 c 3 Workshops for the community. Roxie Nunnally is the Executive Director of Lewis Help Today Foundation, A Recognized 501 C 3 Charitable Organization.           



Ms. Shelonda Richardson | Bio

Donations & Fundraising Coordinator, Lewis Help Today Foundation 

  Intelligent, vivacious, and diligent are amongst the words that captures the essence of Shelonda Richardson. She has always been taught to dream and think big! Since childhood, she has been driven by faith, excellence, compassion and integrity. Shelonda received her B.A. and M.Ed. from Christian Brothers University in 2007 and 2011 respectively in Memphis, TN. Her civic and organizational involvement includes volunteering at a multitude of places and conducting inspirational workshops. She has also well traveled spanning across the United States as well as abroad including England, Italy, China, Thailand, Mexico, and a host of other places. While on her conquest through school, she focused on her students and helped propel them to success. Her passion for education is undeniable and she believes when you bring hard-work  and passion together it will produce change. From both growing up and teaching in an urban area, she understands how imperative it is for us to make sure every student receives an excellent education. She does not go the extra mile because she has to; she does it because she wants to.

As an instructor, she was devoted to ensuring that her students excelled no matter what zip code they were in. Whether it was implementing "A Speaker of the Month" program or advising and assisting students as well as parents regarding pre-collegiate preparation such as ACT/SAT, college, summer camps, internships, or being involved in afterschool activities, she was there. She has managed and lead school activities. She has had her students in every capacity develop a college notebook which included ACT/SAT scores, scholarship information, FAFSA, and college/university breakdown information. Her goal is to make sure that students are well prepared for their future. She has had the pleasure serving as Memphis Field Coordinator for Students First, TN. She always say put God first in whatever you do and you will always succeed.
Her motto: "If we want to uphold integrity of books, we ourselves must not use them as doorstoppers."-S. Richardson
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